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    Kristjana S Williams Interiors

    Silver & London Weekender

    The great blue. Extraordinary diverse and vibrant creatures. Come dive down and soak up the breathtaking, picturesque beauty. Look closely at the Silver & London weekender bag - you’ll find a touch of jungle fever!

    The Icelandic artist Kristjana S Williams is renowned for her fantastical illustrations fusing butterflies, birds and exotic plants into cityscapes. Kristjana‘s artworks are commissioned by Paul Smith and Louboutin, Liberty‘s and Cold Play. We climb mountains in Romania. We get lost in London and buzzed in Berlin. LOQI loves tracking down brilliant new designs!

    We thought you'd never ask!

    I come packed into a Transparent Midi zip pocket Midi 20 x 27 cm (8" x 11")

    I weigh 215 g (7.6 oz)
    I can carry 10 kg (22.5 lbs)

    My size 25 x 50 x 25 cm (9.8" x 19.7" x 9.8")
    My adjustable and removable strap 27 - 60 cm (10.6" - 23.6")
    My side pocket zipper 20 cm (7.9")
    My handles 27 cm (10.6")

    I'm reversible
    I'm water resistant
    I'm made of polyester
    I'm STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified
    I'm coated.
    Friction exposes the base fabric.
    Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces.